About us

High Feather Collective is a woman owned and operated online retailer for women's contemporary clothing, accessories, shoes and home décor.  We are dedicated to creating a brand that sells pieces that make you feel fantastic and have others asking, "Where did you get that?"

High Feather is committed to finding effortlessly versatile pieces and staying ahead of the season to provide the latest trends for our customers.

What does High Feather mean?

In high spirits; cheerful.

Comes from the Old English expression "High Fettle", meaning enjoying life and cheerfully doing the tasks of living.

Often used as a prepositional phrase; I'm in high feather!

Our Story

High Feather Collective is but a newborn babe, but our roots are in small business dating all the way back to 2008.  Cut to more than a decade later, brought together by a pandemic and a passion for curating pretty things, a platonic meet cute unfolds and so begins High Feather Collective.  Stay tuned for more to more come, as we are still growing and will conclude with a "to be continued..."